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Bringing Back Healthy Edges ❤️

Click on the video to see before and after hair-line growth results.


With The Weave Buddy you can enjoy the benefits of healthy hair extensions!

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❤️Extends over the hair-line offering a shield of protection
and an anchor for hair extensions to be safely applied.

❤️Our units come with easy to follow instructional videos
for your hairdresser to see.


❤️Restores self esteem for suffering women who have lost
their hair-line.


❤️Stops a person’s natural hair from pulling back as it
grows out and keeps the hair extensions in place.



The Weave Buddy stops traction alopecia.

If you suffer from traction alopecia due to chemical imbalances, the side affects can result in severe thinning and balding. With our Edge and Scalp Protectors, you can still wear a full hair installation without further damaging your natural delicate hair and scalp.



The Weave Buddy’s Patent Pending technology is the safest option for protecting women who wear hair extensions. It absorbs the strain from tight sewing and the weight that would normally pull on the natural hairs.


The Weave Buddy is a system compiled of a strong grafting material (designed to fit a womans hairline), soft silk lace and instructions to harmlessly attach onto the client’s natural hair. Once attached, the hair extensions will be sewn onto the edges of The Weave Buddy. Allowing for the natural edges to rest underneath.


Modeling The Debbie Edge Protector: for Designing Bangs on closures or frontals on a full installation. Protects the natural hairline.