No longer do we have to worry about applying Hair Extensions onto unprotected edges and scalps. With The Weave Buddy, we can confidently apply a partial or full hair installation onto the area that is protected with our technology. The client will no longer feel pain nor stress on her hairline.

The Weave Buddy has been structured to fit the contour of a women’s frontal, temporal, crown and nape regions comfortably and securely while remaining strong and staying in place for a normal cycle.

Today we are grateful to extend our product line to help women who suffer from any type of harmed scalp afflictions as well as to women with healthy scalp who wish to maintain it in mint condition

Now you CAN stop the damage and the pain! Learn The Weave Buddy System and Be your client’s Superhero Today!

Sign up your salon for a Weave Buddy Specialist Class and Make a difference to suffering women who are defenseless against pulling forces and damage that hair additions and other life stresses can cause.

As of December 1st we will be posting our children’s line. For burn and cancer survivors.