Hello, My name is Kathryn Hiskey. Licensed Cosmetologist and Hair Extension Specialist since 1991.
No longer do we have to worry about applying Hair Extensions onto unprotected edges and scalps. With The Weave Buddy, we can confidently apply a partial or full hair installation onto the clients prepared area that is protected with our technology. The client will no longer feel pain nor stress on her hairline. The Weave Buddy has been structured to fit the contour of a women’s frontal, temporal, crown and nape regions comfortably and securely.

Most importantly, it does not allow the natural hair to pull back. It is this God given breakthrough (the ability for the natural hair to stay in place) that stops the wearer’s hair from tearing out and experiencing discomfort. There is no other product in the market that can keep the natural hair from pulling back while absorbing the pain associated with tight braiding and sewing.

Our mechanism -Stops traction due to excess pulling forces. -Extends the hair closer to one’s face. Encases the damage & becomes a scalp shield. Lastly, it -Keeps hair installations in tact longer than any method because it stays in place.

Today we are grateful to extend our product line to help all women who suffer from any type of harmed scalp afflictions as well as to women with healthy hair who wish to maintain it in mint condition. We carry several protectors that can help in all hair types.

For us women, our hair is our crown and glory. Without healthy hair, we do not feel beautiful or confident. Since The Weave Buddy, I have seen many women regain their self esteem and much lost hairs grown back. I am overwhelmed with testimonials both videos and in written reviews about The Weave Buddy changing lives. I am confident that this New Technology belongs in the world of Health and Beauty where every women who uses Hair Extensions will be pampered by the protection and the benefits that The Weave Buddy offers.

It is important for us to continue to educate other Hair Extension Experts about The Weave Buddy Technology so that together we can all alleviate and stop the pain associated with Traction Alopecia when applying Hair Extensions.

My mission is to educate and offer what The Weave Buddy Edge and Scalp Protectors can achieve and to safe guard the edges and scalps of hair extension wearers all over the world.
Please spread the love. Let others know about The Weave Buddy. Help us make a difference for suffering women who are defenseless against the pulling forces and damage that hair additions cause. Follow us on Facebook, YouTube Instagram and Twitter. Thank you all and may God multiply your generosity.

“Now you CAN stop the damage and the pain! Be your client’s Superhero today!”