The Debbie Edge Protector


This Breathable System Safeguards Severely Damaged Temporal and Frontal Regions (Full Edges). It Alleviates Pain from Pulling Forces, Providing Assistance in Creating Complete Edge Defense on any hair type or texture before applying full installations. It Brings Sides Closer to the face while Filling In Balding & Thinning Areas. Easy To Use, simply place the shield atop your clients prepared hairline braids, fasten and continue with your sew-in. This Technology Keeps Hair Additions in Tact for a Longer Duration because it Dispenses a Secure Anchor that will Not Pull the Natural Hair Back.


One Debbie Edge Protector. Free Instructional Video Included. Can be trimmed for a custom fit. Does not fall apart when cut. Designed to comfortably fit and keep safe the frontal and temporal regions (Full Edges). Equipped with a thin layer of silk lace sown onto the unit for comfort and extra security. Package includes double-sided medical adhesive tape for use on hair-less edges if desired. We send out in color black. If you would like Med-Brown instead, please let us know on the Special Instructions at Checkout. Hands on training is recommended. For more details Inquire within.