The Weave Buddy Lg Systems: Assist in providing a Complete Edge & Cranial Preservation on any Hair Type or Texture. Saves Time in the Application. All you have to do is place it atop your client’s prepared braids, secure it and continue with your Sew-In. Comes with tabs of double sided medical tape at the top and bottom base. Simply Remove if not needed.

These Breathable Units bring sides closer to the face, safeguard Severely Damaged Edges at the Temporal and Frontal Regions as well as the Crown and Nape Area. Alleviate pain from pulling forces. A faultless defense against tension that tears out the natural hair where the tight knots and sewing take place. Our new technology keeps Hair Additions in tact for a longer duration than any other Weaving Method.

The music in these videos was created by Robert A Miller from his Relaxatopia Collection.