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Take-the-lead in a growing niche business in your community by learning the latest techniques for installing safe and secure fleek hairdos. Sign up for one of our Weave Buddy HERO Specialist Workshops. Click on our store then the desired workshop. Secure your spot by paying your deposit. To become a Weave Buddy HERO Specialist invest: $275.00 for the workshop and $200 for your HERO Starter Kit. A minor price to invest for such a grand reward. If you are not completely satisfied The Weave Buddy product, simply return the complete kit unharmed and we will return your $200 investment on the kit. This guarantee is not available for the Maryland Workshop as we are guest educators for The BBB Expo and do not receive payments for this Workshop from the public. This 2018 we will be making Weave Buddy HERO Specialists in the states of Dallas TX, Silver Spring MD, Atlanta GA and Ensenada Mexico as well as our individual training across the country.






Discover the benefits of becoming a Weave Buddy HERO Specialist:




  • The Weave Buddy HERO System offers a variety of low-cost designs needed to accommodate every hair type and scalp condition.
  • Increase salon revenue through Weave Buddy HERO Sales and Installation services.
  • The ability to offer a one-of-a-kind, sought-after, tried and tested solution for safe and sensational hair installations.
  • Referrals from The Weave Buddy Headquarters when prospective customers call looking for a WB Hero Specialist in their area.
  • Weave Buddy HERO Marketing Program to promote your salon as a Weave Buddy HERO Specialist location including:




A. Get your name and salon posted on The Weave Buddy Website giving you two avenues of being found.

B. Referrals from Weave Buddy marketing campaigns via Google and the Weave Buddy website.

C. Social Media presence and Google ranking as a Weave Buddy HERO Specialist.










  • Non-Exclusive rights to WB HERO Full line of products




  • Unlimited consultation time regarding trouble shooting or questions.
  • Discounts on all Weave Buddy products.
  • Weave Buddy HERO Certificate of Completion to be displayed in your salon.
  • Weave Buddy marketing materials including 500 business cards, 25 brochures and 2 posters.
  • Access to the Weave Buddy HERO Forum. This provides you with access to other Weave Buddy professionals to discuss common questions and “Best Use” practices, answers to questions and testimonials.
  • Weave Buddy HERO Training includes: Video instruction and hands-on workshops included with detailed explanation illustrating proper WB installation for safe, optimal weaving procedures and techniques that include:




A. How to apply Edge Protectors for severely damaged hairline edges to conserve the client’s natural hair and edges.

B. How to apply edge and Scalp Units for severely damaged scalp to stop painful hair pulling and tearing.

C. How to apply closures and frontals on severely damaged scalp in a way that alleviates tension and pulling.

D. How to apply WB Skinz.™ for a natural part.






VISIT US AT THE UPCOMING BBBE: (Check our store for more details)


When: March 18th-19th, 2018
Where: The Silver Spring Civic Center, MD.


“The Weave Buddy System is going save you time and make you lots of money. You will be inundated with new clients who want safe and lasting scalp protection along with their sensational hair styles.”
Best Regards ~Kat Hiskey/CEO




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