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I love Sundays! One early Sunday morning I had a vision and it was clear as to what I was going to use to keep my clients natural hair in place and not pull back while she wore her hair extensions. The Weave Buddy was born. That was almost 5 years ago. Praising Jesus for helping me reach out now to thousands of women who have benefited and have had their edges come back. Most of all I am grateful for no more pain. My sisters now enjoy painless carefree fabulous hairstyles without the tearing and the headaches. Ashika was the catalyst that The Lord sent me to bless so many more women everywhere. Listen to Ashika’s Testimonial. My first Weave Buddy wearer:



Use The Weave Buddy to save your clients edges today!

Ladies, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us a chance to help save your clients edges. Giving Jesus the honor and the glory, He has sent us out on a mission to save his princess’ hairlines. The epidemic is real and now there is a solution that works.



Fill-in thinning and balding areas. Keep your swag styles from pulling and tearing your clients hairlines. Each style comes with a free easy to use instructional video. We love to help, call or text us anytime:  

U.S. Cell: 1(858)752-4900 Mexico Office: 01152(646)688-1872
Reach us anytime on WhatsAp +18587524900


Betty Links: Micro Links on a track!

Micro-link extensions have become quite popular and are a great option for women who do not wish to have their hair sewn in nor have the bulk of wefts. But once the individual extensions start growing out, they begin to cause tension and damage on the natural hair as they grow further away from the scalp. Apply our Betty Links to protect the hair and scalp from being damaged. With our sensational links on a track, hair extensions grow out safely and evenly. Most importantly they grow out as a whole unit, keeping the tension away from a targeted weak spot. Try them out on us next time you place an order. Use code: bettysamples at the notes section to receive free samples on us.


The Stephanie Edge and Scalp Protector

The Stephanie Edge and Scalp Protector for full hair installations. This breathable unit protects and allows you to safely fill in fine to damaged edges. Lined with a fine silk mesh for creating comfort, functionality and durability. Used for a full hair installation with the intention of side parting a closure, frontal or a 360 on the left or right side. As with all of our units, your clients will be satisfied with a secure fit and protection for up to 10 weeks. Easy to follow instructional video included.

The Patty Edge Protector: for full hair installations.

The Patty Edge Protector: for full hair installations. The most popular Weave Buddy Edge Protector. This design helps the hair dresser to protect her clients edges and apply closures, frontals and 360’s while creating center and slight side parts. The most fabulous part of all is that you do not have to use adhesive tapes or glue for the hair extensions to stay in place!


The Debbie Edge Protector: for full hair installations.

The Debbie Edge Protector: for full hair installations. Protects and safely fills in fine to damaged edges at the hair-line area without the use of tapes or adhesives. As with all of our units, this piece is great for accessing the scalp while applying therapeutic oils or scalp medications.


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Take-the-lead in a growing niche business in your community.


The Weave Buddy opens up a world of unlimited hair style possibilities for you and your clients. Now you are able to securely fill-in thinning and balding areas without your swag hair styles pulling back.


Take the first step to becoming a Weave Buddy Specialist. Sign up for The Weave Buddy 101 Intro Workshop and start reaping the benefits of joining The Weave Buddy Family!


Protect your clients hairlines. No glues, No Adhesive Tapes.



Fill-in thinning and balding areas. Keep your swag hair styles from pulling back and tearing your clients hairlines. Each style comes with a free instructional video. Call us anytime We love to help: 1.858.752.4900 or visit: WeaveBuddy.com


The Weave Buddy Changes lives.

The Weave Buddy protects the natural hair underneath your clients hair extensions. Your clients will be able to access their scalp to use treatment that you recommend to keep their scalp in optimum condition.

The Weave Buddy saves edges!

The Weave Buddy System is the best technology in the world today for protecting the scalp and hairline when applying hair installations.

Happy Birthday to Kat! ~CEO The Weave Buddy

A special thanks to all of our loyal customers for believing in our product and encouraging us to continue. Thank you for the wonderful testimonies and special letters that come in. We are honored and grateful to serve. Use Coupon Code: itsmybirthday as your special 20% discount on your next order. Enjoy free shipping.

Introducing: The Wig Buddy!

The Wig Buddy Scalp Protector, a design by The Weave Buddy. This incredible system fits regular to large adult scalps. Lined with a fine silk mesh for comfort, functionality and durability. Use our breathable unit to safely protect the hair-line as well as the crown and nape regions when wearing lace units and wigs. Create a fabulous look without damaging your scalp!



It’s Here! The Weave Buddy Economy 4 Pack.


Enjoy our economy Weave Buddy package. It comes with Four Edge Protectors for Regular to Severely Damaged Hairline Edges. (1. The Ashika 2. The Debbie 3. The Patty 4. The Stephanie) These amazing units fit regular to large adult scalps. As with all of our units, these pieces are great for accessing your scalp while applying your natural oils or scalp medications. Lined with a fine silk mesh for comfort, functionality and durability.These breathable units protect and safely fill in severely damaged edges at the frontal and temporal hair-line areas. Use these protectors on full installations using a closure, frontal or a 360 with the intention of designing bangs at crown area or Crown Parting or Side Parting. The Ashikas are for partial hair installations only. If your client is suffering from severe hair-loss please consider one of our Weave Buddy Edge and Scalp Protectors.