The Weave Buddy Specialist Workshop: Learn How To Protect Your Clients Hairline and Scalp when applying hair extensions. Atlanta, GA With Educator/CEO Kat Hiskey

$500.00 $400.00

When: July 8th-9th 2019 10:00-3:00 P.M. each day


Where: Sheraton Atlanta Airport: 1900 Sulivan Rd. Atlanta, Ga 30337



The Weave Buddy is a safe, non-surgical, non-toxic, non-damaging hair replacement system that is a one of a kind technology for the installation of sensational looking healthy hair. Eliminating pain and suffering associated with pulling forces from the equation.
No more tearing the scalp with glues or tapes because The Weave Buddy is securely sewn onto the clients prepared healthy tracks behind the hairline.
With The Weave Buddy System you can build the strongest foundation possible that is breathable, comfortable and safe for your clients without using glue or tape. Your hairdo’s will stay in place without pulling back!
Be your clients Super Hero Today!


The Weave Buddy Specialist Workshop Includes:
  • One Braided Foam Head.
  • Consultation time regarding trouble shooting or questions.
  • Weave Buddy Specialist Certificate of Completion to be displayed in your salon.
  • Access to the Weave Buddy Forum. This provides you with access to other Weave Buddy Beginners and Specialists to discuss common questions, “Best Use” practices and stylist testimonials.
  • Detailed Video instruction illustrating proper Weave Buddy Hairline Protector installation and safe optimal weaving procedures and techniques in a way that alleviates tension and pulling on the scalp.

    Learn How To:


    A. Apply The Weave Buddy Hairline Protectors for normal to extremely damaged hairlines using the braid and sew method along with our system.

    B. How to customize your Weave Buddy units to fit your clients.

    C. How to apply closures onto the hairline protectors.

    D. How to apply our Skinz.™ for natural looking parts.


    Our Workshops Do Not Include Weave Buddy Starter Kits. We offer Starter Kits at the beginning of the class for $140 (This is a 40% discount to keep prices down). Please bring cash for the Kits so that we can start the workshop as soon as possible. We will be selling Weave Buddy Hairline and Scalp Protectors after class at a 25% discount. You will receive a permanent 20% discount code for future orders on product.


    Our Weave Buddy Specialist Starter Kits Include:


  • One Miss Ashika, One Miss Patty, One Miss Debbie and One Miss Stephanie.
  • One Hairline and Crown Protector and One Hairline and Scalp Protector.
  • Two Packs of Mixed Closure Skinz for natural parts.
  • One pair of spring scissors for customizing The Weave Buddy.

    You will need to have with you:


  • One doll-head stand.
  • Two 4×4 closures.
  • One bundle of wefted hair.
  • The hairs must be new. Any Quality.
  • Your favorite weaving needles and thread.
  • Plenty of double pronged metal clips.
  • One pair of scissors.
  • Description

    Become a Weave Buddy Specialist in Two Days! Be your clients SuperHero for life!


    Begin an incredible long awaited journey with the latest healthy non-surgical hair replacement technology. No-glue-No-Tape No Damage! The Weave Buddy System is the strongest foundation in the market today for protecting your clients hairline and scalp. You can create safe and lasting hair styles that are fashionable, comfortable and secure. Ignite your Year by learning how to give your clients the look that they love and deserve without the pain and stress on their scalp. The Weave Buddy Specialist Workshop will teach you a safer way to pamper and protect your clients.


    Cancellations Accepted: Should student receive and break the sealed tape on the instructional hard-drive, $200 will be deducted from their payment.
    Please Be Well Prepared: A student can be well prepared by watching his or her instructional videos in advance. Please do not wait the day before the workshop to view them as they are filled with lots of knowledge. We highly recommend that you watch each video at least twice. By purchasing this workshop you agree that it is for your personal training and that you will not teach our method without Weave Buddy Instructor Certification.