Miss Ashika Hairline Protectors: For normal hairlines. Partial Hair Installations. Crown leave out.



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Comes with one set of re-usable Ashika Young Adult Hairline Protectors. Instructional Video Link Included via your email upon purchase.These pieces are made for young adults as they fit small to normal sized scalps. Designed to cover normal to fine hairlines. Lined with a fine silk lace inside and outside of the perimeter for ventilating baby hairs as well as functionality and durability. They are breathable units that protect the scalp and allow stylists to safely fill in hair-line edges at temporal areas. You will love these units, for partial hair installations with the intention of leaving the natural hairs out at the crown area. Protect your young adult clients from ever getting their hair torn out. Now you can prevent these shinning stars hairlines from the consequences of pulling and tearing forces.