The Ashika Hairline Protectors: Use on partial hair installations. For thin to severely damaged hairlines. Leaving natural hair out at crown.



Thank you for choosing The Weave Buddy as one of your healthy non-surgical hair replacement and protective style options. You will be glad you did. Find out how you can become a Weave Buddy Specialist. Call us we love to help: 1.858.752.4900


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Providing a strong foundation on partial hair installations. Crown Leave Out Hairstyles. Re-usable for two consecutive wears. Protect and safely fill in fine to damaged hairlines without the use of tapes or adhesives. These partial systems are great for accessing the scalp while applying therapeutic oils or scalp medication. Lined with a fine silk lace inside for comfortability and durability. Keeps hairlines secure and in place for 4-6 weeks. 3-4 inch hairline damage. Let us know at checkout if you need a smaller size.


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