The Patty Reg Edge Protector : for protecting damaged edges. Middle parting on full installations.


Thank you for choosing The Weave Buddy as one of your preventative hair-loss treatment options. To place an order, you must be established in a salon environment. If you are a new client, please text us a copy of your cosmetology or weaveologist license with your salon name and address to 858.752.4900. First time clients use Code: IMAHERO for 20% off.



One Patty Reg Edge Protector. Medical adhesive tape included. Hand crafted with a fine silk lace for comfort as well as utility in the application of the tape when desired. Tape is for hairless scalp only.This breathable unit protects and safely fills in damaged Edges at the complete hair-line area. For a full installation with the intention of parting closures or frontals at the crown area.