The Stephanie Adult Edge Protectors: for damaged hairlines. Full Installs. Side Parting


For full sew-ins with braid and sew applications. Use closures, frontals or 360’s along with side parting.



One re-usable Stephanie Adult Edge Protector. Fits regular to large adult hair-lines. These breathable units protect and allow for safely filling in fine to damaged edges. Lined with a fine silk lace inside and outside of the perimeter for ventilating baby hairs as well as functionality and durability. Used for full hair installations with the intention of side parting closures, frontals and 360’s on left or right sides. Your clients will be satisfied with a secure fit and protection for up to 10 weeks. Please specify at the checkout whether you would like a left or right part unit.


Thank you for choosing The Weave Buddy as one of your non-surgical hair replacement and protective style options. You will be glad you did. Find out how you can become a Weave Buddy Specialist. Call us we love to help: 1.858.752.4900


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