It’s touching words such as these that make it all worth it! ❤️

People across the United States are praising the benefits of The Weave Buddy.


I am Ashika

“I was the first person to ever have The Weave Buddy installed! I had alopecia due to a brain disease that cause me to lose my hair. Without The Weave Buddy hairstyles were limited to the amount of hair I had in one given area, or other methods only eventually caused more hair loss. In addition right after having a weave installed, I suffered headaches for days. Kat, the creator of The Weave Buddy experimented & eventually created The Weave Buddy to help deal with my issues! And boy did it ever! My hair has grown back in- no alopecia! My edges are healthy and strong, and no headaches after installation! The Weave Buddy changed my life, my style, my hair and my edges! My hair is currently only an inch or so shorter than my weave! My close friends who hand seen the pictures of my hair without a weave say why even have a weave now? I just love the versatility The Weave Buddy provides me! I am so incredibly grateful to Kat for never giving up & creating such an amazing weave installation gift for my once fragile hair! You will be amazed at what can be done for you! Save your edges, & your hair! Don’t have or do another install without The Weave Buddy! By the way…I’m Ashika!”


Definitely protected my thin edges.

“Absolutely loveeeee it! Definitely protected my thin edges, and was actually easier to sew my hair on it than my usual method. Will be buying again.”


I wanted to tell you what an excellent product you have.

“I wanted to tell you what an excellent product you have. It is well made, effective and unnoticeable to the wearer or anyone else. Thank you so much. I have struggled for years with hair loss around my edges and have been attempting to cover it up with a weave. The weave buddy has transformed my look and allowed me much more flexibility in my hair style as well as increase my confidence. Thanks to your product, my weave is now undetectable. Thank you for your product and all of the blood, sweat and tears that you may have endured to bring this absolutely brilliant product to the people. I will you much success, it is only a matter of time.”


A sure way to avoid tension on weak areas.

“This is a sure tell way to avoid tension on weak areas and a way to create a full look and style on a client with hair loss. Thank you.”


The Weave Buddy is great.

“The Weave Buddy is great, it helps save your edges and keeps them from being damaged, also it helps women that have alopecia and hereditary baldness have confidence when wearing there weaves!!!”


The Weave Buddy is my absolute favorite.

“The Weave Buddy is my absolute favorite. I will never not wear a Weave Buddy. I recommend this to any and everyone who wears a weave if you want to save your edges. Kat is the best and a sweetheart!”


“Can I say Weave Buddy!!!”

“Hello !!! Can I say Weave Buddy!!! Let me say it again Weave buddy !!! for all of you that don’t know The Weave Buddy is the Hottest thing on the Market. My name is Tonica Todd I own and operate The Beauty Zone Salon in St. Robert Mo and ever since I introduce The Weave Buddy my clientele had Sky Rocketed. What I love about The Weave Buddy is that if you have thin edges, no edges, edges, or any troubled spots in your hair The Weave Buddy is the Answer it changes life…it’s easy to install, your weave looks smoother your clients can pull there hair back and there are able to wear styles different, The Weave Buddy is Special to me because it’s given my Client more Confidence,and that’s what I love. So if you areon the Market to Boost our clientel…you know what to Do Weave Buddy is where its at.”


The Weave Buddy really helped take the tension off my edges.

“I was able to get The Weave Buddy applied twice by the creator and it really helped take tension off of my edges while giving me a great style. I like how the design allows you to still apply product and have breathability. As a physician I see HUGE potential for this production the management and prevention of traction alopecia.”


Kat Saved my edges.

“Kat saved my edges…this system is amazing. I can’t brag about it enough. All seriousness…best invention for hair yet. My edges were getting too thin from too much sewing and gluing not it’s coming back. I can honestly say that The Weave Buddy helped me. Kat thank you. I tell you this all the time your customer service is excellent and I love how you stand behind your product. I will never do a sew in without using The Weave Buddy again.
Satisfied Customer…BK/NYC…”


This is a great system to help preserve edges.

“This is a great system to help preserve edges as well as help clients who suffer with alopecia and want options other than quick weaves and wigs! Kat is accessible and always ready to help if you have any questions regarding her products.”


The Weave Buddy is a keeper.

“I’ve used many weaving techniques and I must say the The Weave Buddy is definitely a keeper. I’m loving it!”


My hair is growing and getting healthier.

“I absolutely love The Weave Buddy! I have used it on two installs on my hair. My hair is growing and getting healthier. My clients are using The Weave Buddy as well. Everyone should try it. It’s not just for damaged hair. It keeps your edges and hair healthy.”


I love love love your product.

“I love, love, love your product! It really kept the tension off of my edges and I was able to keep my sew in for a longer period of time. I am very happy with the product and have already recommended to friends and family. I will definitely order again! Thanks Weave Buddy!”


I absolutely love The Weave Buddy and Recommend it.

“As a Licensed Hair Weaver and Wigologist, and certified Cranial Prosthesis Specialist, 85% of my clients have lost their hair due to some form of hair loss. I absolutely Love The Weave Buddy and recommend it! Stylist and clients alike will love the concept! Kat is very passionate about her product and easily accessible! Awesome class and great customer service!!” DollFaceVirginHairBoutique


Love the product.

“Love the product, ideal for fragile hair, easy to use, excellent customer service!”


Amazing tool that boosts self esteem.

“Amazing tool that boosts the self esteem of many women who are suffering from hair loss!”

Awesome tool for anyone who wants to preserve edges.

“Awesome tool for anyone that wants to preserve edges as well as help alopecia clients. This will definitely make a difference.”


The Weave Buddy solved a lot of my issues with clients.

“Great product has solved a lot of my issues with some of my clients that I was trying to work An fix. Still learning how to use it. Can’t wait to take a hands on class. Less tension and stress on the hair a must have for all extension specialists.”


The Weave Buddy allows me to wear more hair and is comfortable.

“I have been wearing extensions of some type for over 25 years. The Weave Buddy is going to revolutionize the hair extension industry. It has allowed me to keep wearing hair extensions while protecting my own hair. The Weave Buddy also allows me to wear more hair and it’s more comfortable than the other types of hair extensions. This is fantastic! If you want to wear hair extensions this is the only way to do it!”


I love everything about The Weave Buddy.

“I love everything about The Weave Buddy! I will definitely be purchasing again!”


I absolutely love love this product.

“I absolutely LOVE LOVE this product, the best invention ever, great for clients suffering from traction alopecia, scaring alopecia, and female pattern hair loss, no more tension and pulling on my clients edges, my clients love The Weave Buddy System, I will never do another weave without a Weave Buddy, thanks to Kat you’re awesome.”


One of the best things I ever purchased.

“For anyone that wears sewing as a protective style The Weave Buddy helps keep it in place without damaging your edges. One of the best things I ever purchased.”


Best product to reduce breakage.

“Best product to reduce breakage! So natural and comfortable!! I love this product.”


I love the fullness without the pain or tearing

“Ten years, ten years sleeping on different types of hair extensions that would either tear my hair or cause a headache from ‘road bump’ style weaves sewn right onto my skull! alas, happy days are here again…Kat Hiskey invented The Weave Buddy! I love the fullness of my hair, and now without the pain or tearing I endured for so long. I only feel hair now! I will be forever grateful to Kat, her dedication to solve a problem & then the vision to create a solution will help missions of us save our hair and in turn, look our best. Priceless!!”


Have the look you want.

“This product is a very great way to have the look you want even if you have hair loss. “

Bringing Back Healthy Edges