Weave Buddy Specialist Ms. Taneasha Hines speaks about how effective The Weave Buddy is. collaborating with CEO Kat Hiskey on our Weave Buddy 101 Workshop in Baltimore, Maryland.



Weave Buddy Graduates: Excited at how you natural the hairline looks when applying The Weave Buddy.



Medical Doctor Melissa Middleton Speaks on the benefits that The Weave Buddy offers and shares how her hairline has begun to grow back.



Genine expresses how she felt headaches and stress on her scalp when using the old braid and sew method. Now with The Weave Buddy she is able to enjoy the benefits of wearing hair extensions without the discomforts.


After suffering from hair-loss due to a brain disease, our client Ashika came in looking for help. After several years of trying out different methods to save her client’s edges, Kat designed the first Weave Buddy and named it after her




The Weave Buddy Hairline and Scalp Protectors they take on the pressure so that your scalp doesn’t have to.



Beautiful young lady and cancer survivor tries out The Weave Buddy and is relieved about how it protected her delicate scalp.



Use The Weave Buddy Hairline Protectors to secure a safe and healthy hair installation without the use of tapes or glues.



Trichologist and salon owner expreses her experience using The Weave Buddy Hairline Protector. Sign up to become a Weave Buddy Specialist.



In aw at how she can lift up her hair and how when the wind blows her hairline does not show.



Making sure that the whole group of hair extensions are working together to stop damage. From our Braid-less Track Systems. Use our Bettys to create safe and secure braid-less tracks.



Humbled to hear the love and encouragement. The Weave Buddy is Comfortable and secure! Work done by Certified Specialist Donna Hill.



Jayde tried all types of uncomfortable hair extension methods until she found the Bettys by The Weave Buddy.





Surprised at how comfortable The Weave Buddy feels on her scalp.



Use The Wig Buddy by The Weave Buddy to apply your gorgeous units while protecting your scalp.



Testimonials fro Weave Buddy Graduates. Excited about the different ways to save their clients edges.



Students appreciate the benefits that The Weave Buddy offers.




Join us for one of our workshops to become a Weave Buddy Specialist.



Ms. Flower from Heritage Salon in San Diego speaks about her personal experience taking The Weave Buddy One to One training.



Encantada de como El Weave Buddy ha protegido su cranio expresandose que esta contenta y se siente bien con el producto.