CEO of The Weave Buddy shares about fine eges and traction alopecia.
The Ashika Edge and Scalp Protectors


Use this breathable unit for a severely damaged hair-line and scalp.


The Debbie Edge and Scalp Protectors.


Mika shares why The Weave Buddy is the only way to get her hair done.


Cosmetologist and Salon Owner shares about The Weave Buddy.


Humbled to see the ❤️! Thank you.


Cosmetologist and salon enjoys working with Kat and using The Weave Buddy on her clients.


Weave Buddy Specialist talks about finding help for her clients edges.


Loretta immediately noticed the comfort, fullness and absence of pain.


Jayde, loves her Fine Betty Braid-Less Tracks.
Genine thrilled to have fuller sides along with No pain or damage!


Annie a long relieved that she can always wear her hair extensions without worrying about the damage.


Weave Divas Express their excitement about The Weave Buddy!


People accross the country are searching for better ways to save edges!


The Weave Buddy is a genius idea!


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