The Weave Buddy Collection

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Women from all walks of life are wearing hair extensions. There is a high price to pay for the “full look”. Traction Alopecia~ gradual hair-loss caused when pulling forces are applied to the scalp. The after effects are Thinning or balding, Insecurities, Scalp Conditions and more. This epidemic has affected women like yourself all over the world.


The Weave Buddy Hairline Protectors are easy to use and do not require in depth training. Simply watch the free instructional video links. Follow step by step instructions of how to create beautiful, healthy hair weaves that don’t pull back.


The Weave Buddy offers practical yet intricate solutions for severe edge and scalp hair-loss which requires professional training from The Weave Buddy Institute. The Weave Buddy Specialist Workshops include practical use of the following Lines: