WB Benefits



Take-the-lead in a growing niche business in your community.


The Weave Buddy opens up a world of unlimited hair style possibilities for you and your clients. Now you are able to securely fill-in thinning and balding areas without your swag hair styles pulling back.





Discover the Weave Buddy Specialist Benefits:


  • The Weave Buddy System offers a variety of low-cost designs needed to accommodate every hair type and scalp condition.


  • Increase salon revenue through Weave Buddy Sales and Installation services.

A. Get your name and salon posted on The Weave Buddy Website as well as our Weave Buddy Forum on Facebook group giving you two avenues of being found.

B. Referrals from Weave Buddy marketing campaigns via Google and the Weave Buddy website.

C. Offer a one-of-a-kind, sought-after, tried and tested solution for safe and sensational hair installations by becoming a Weave Buddy specialist.




Sign up for one of our Weave Buddy Specialist Workshops. To become a Weave Buddy Specialist invest: $650 on your healthy non-surgical hair replacement business. A minor price to invest for such a grand reward.

This 2019 we will be in the states of Dallas TX, Baltimore MD, Atlanta GA, San Diego Ca and Ensenada Mx as well as our Individual Online Training across the country.






  • Professional Discounts as well as Non-Exclusive rights to Weave Buddy Full line of products.Unlimited consultation time regarding trouble shooting or questions.
  • Weave Buddy Specialist Certificate of Completion to be displayed in your salon.
  • Access to the Weave Buddy Forum. This provides you with access to other Weave Buddy professionals to discuss common questions and “Best Use” practices, answers to questions and testimonials as well as advertise and offer Weave Buddy services.
  • The Weave Buddy Specialist Training includes: Video instruction and hands-on workshops included with detailed explanation illustrating proper Weave Buddy installation for safe, optimal weaving procedures and techniques.

By signing up for our  workshop you agree that you will not replicate nor teach The Weave Buddy System. KoolKat Enterprises, Inc. will be hiring Weave Buddy Specialists to become Weave Buddy Educators in the near future. Future Weave Buddy Educators must complete the Advanced Weave Buddy Specialist Courses.