The Weave Buddy HERO SPECIALIST Seminars

Be Your Clients Super Hero Today!


 The Weave Buddy is a safe, non-surgical, non-toxic, non-damaging, system that is a one of a kind technology for the installation of sensational looking healthy hair. Eliminating pain and suffering associated with pulling forces from the equation. 

With our Weave Buddy units you can pamper your clients with safe, relaxing, non-damaging, glamorous styles.


 Begin an incredible long awaited journey with the latest healthy non-surgical hair replacement technology. No-glue-No-Tape No Damage! 

The Weave Buddy System is the strongest foundation in the market today for protecting your clients hairline and scalp. You can create safe and lasting hair styles that are fashionable, comfortable and secure.  The Weave Buddy Specialist Workshops are bringing  you a safer option to pamper and protect your clients.

Learn How To Apply The Weave Buddy Hairline & Scalp Protector Bands for normal to extremely damaged hairlines & scalp using our patent pending method.


With The Weave Buddy System you can build the strongest foundation possible that is breathable, comfortable and safe for your clients without using glue or tape.

Your hairdo's will stay in place without pulling back!

Become a Weave Buddy Specialist and be your clients Super Hero Today!

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