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THE WB HERO SYSTEM: A Better More Affordable Non-Surgical Hairloss Solution.

The WB HERO System is the best technology in the world today for protecting the scalp and hairline when applying hair installations.

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The WB HERO System is a revolutionary breakthrough used for safely applying & maintaining beautiful, healthy hair without any stress or pain on the scalp.

Work smarter not harder. With The WB HERO System, you can fill in your clients balding and thinning edges easily without worrying about your work pulling back in a week.

The Weave Buddy units are re-usable and supply strong anchors that stay in place without retracting for up to 10 weeks.

The Weave Buddy’s patent pending technology is the safest and most affordable option for protecting your clients hair-line and scalp when applying sew-ins.

Use The WB HERO System to protect the natural hair underneath your clients hair installations. They will be able to use oils and any other treatment that you recommend to keep their scalp in optimum condition.

The Weave Buddy helps women and children who have suffered from chemical changes or physical burns on their scalp.