About Us

We offer a unique patent pending system that is made of a strong grafting material designed to gently fit the contour of a woman’s scalp. The Weave Buddy Units are hand crafted and lined with a soft silk lace for extra support. The Weave Buddy assures a safe, lasting attachment that is comfortable, secure and won’t pull back.


Each Weave Buddy design has a red hand sewn insignia on it representing the love that we have for suffering women who have lost their healthy crowns. Join us in the quest to bring back healthy scalps. Lifting up women all over the world.


Our Mission:
To globally end the pain and suffering associated with traction alopecia while providing a healthy solution for comfortable and safe hair applications.


Use our Scalp Protectors to pamper your clients with safe, relaxing, non-damaging, glamorous styles.



Thank you and God Bless you.


The Weave Buddy is a division of KoolKat Enterprises, Inc.